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Dr Yi Sui
PhD, MInstP, Fellow HEA


Research Overview

Fluid Mechanics, Vesicles, Bubbles, Particles, Biological Cells or other small objects in Flows; Complex Multiphase Flows involving Suspending Objects, Moving Contact Lines, Thermocapillarity, Phase change, Breakup/Coalescence, Transport Phenomena in Cardiovascular Systems, Fluidics


The research in Complex Flows Group are mainly in the areas of multiphase and particulate flows, biofluid mechanics and transport phenomena. We aim at developing fundamental understanding through accurate numerical modelling and experimentation, and employing these to design and develop new tools and devices for healthcare, advanced manufacturing, sustainable energy industries.

We thank the Royal Society, EPSRC, HEFEC, Queen Mary Innovation, EC Horizon2020, Chinese Academy of Science, Natural Science Foundation of China etc. to support our research activities.