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Dr Haixue Yan
PhD, PGCAP, MInstP, MACS, Member of IoMMM


Research Overview

Ceramics Processing and Characterizations, Spark Plasma Sintering, Nano textured materials, Ferroelectrics, Thermoelectrics and Microwave dielectrics.


Dr Haixue Yan’s research includes Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) and functional materials with textured, nano- and metastable structures. I propose to undertake fundamental research on these novel functional materials and their sintering kinetics.

His current research projects including:

  • Dielectrics for high power energy storage
  • Lead-free ferroelectrics for piezoelectric sensors and actuators.
  • Ceramics with high microwave tunabiluty for wireless communications.
  • THz technology probing transitions in functional materials
  • Multiferroelectrics for computer memories.
  • Recycle Al cans for fashion products and sustainable development.

His research has been funded by EPSRC, Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering, AHRC, Innovate UK, EC and industries.