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Dr Haixue Yan


Research Overview

My research includes Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) and functional materials with textured, nano- and metastable structures. I propose to undertake fundamental research on these novel functional materials and their sintering kinetics.

My main research collaborations include, Stockholm University in Sweden on SPS, University of California-Davis in USA on transparent ceramics, Penn State University on ferroelectrics for energy storage,  Sunchon University in South Korea on phosphors, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in China on ferroelectric ceramics, Tsinghua University on multiferroics,  University College London (UCL) on biomaterials, Oxford University on superconductor materials, Imperial College on energy materials.

My industrial collaborators include, NPL-National Physical Laboratory (Advanced Capacitors for Energy Storage) in the UK, QinetiQ (high Tc ferroelectric ceramics), SINTEC (SPS, structural ceramics, armour materials), Nanocyl (CNT-ceramics composites) Virbrometer, Ferroperm and Kisler (high Tc ferroelectrics), DSTL-Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (hard ceramics, nanomaterials), AWE (varistors) and ETL (thermoelectrics)

Funded projects:

  1. InnovTEG project (EU), An innovative very low-cost thermo-electric technology for large-scale renewable solar energy applications,
  2. Size Effect in Lead-Free Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3 Ceramics for Energy Storage, PhD studentship, Syfer Technology Ltd and Nanoforce Technology Ltd.
  3. Size effect in lead-free piezoelectric ceramics, The China Scholarship Council (CSC), PhD studentship.
  4. Lead-free antiferroelectircs for energy storage, The China Scholarship Council (CSC), PhD studentship.
  5. Advanced Capacitors for Energy Storage, TSB.
  6. Lead-free materials for energy storage, Royal Academy of Engineering Research Exchange Award.
  7. EPSRC: PRINTEG - Advanced manufacturing for low-cost Thermo-electric device fabrication.