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Dr Maria Romero-Gonzalez
MSc, PhD

Dr Romero-Gonzalez
Position: Senior Lecturer in Materials Science
Director of Learning Development at the Queen Mary Engineering School (QMES), Xi'an, China
Location: 329, Engineering, Mile End
Networks: ORCiD Google Scholar LinkedIn Twitter
Expertise: Biomineralization, surface chemistry, biomaterials, environmental chemistry, engineering and sustainability. Flipped learning, student centred learning, curriculum design.
SEMS Research Division:

Brief Biography

Maria obtained her Bachelor and MSc degrees in Chemistry from the University of Zulia, Venezuela and her PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Sheffield Hallam University, UK. She worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate and Lecturer in Environmental Chemistry at the Faculty of Engineering and as Director of the Environmental Science Programme at the Department of Geography, The University of Sheffield.

Maria research area is centred around bio-mineral interfaces using a wide range of analytical techniques. She has a long experience in consultancy working with the Coal Authority, the Sheffield Assay Office and in the Green Roof industry.

Since she joined SEMS in 2018, she has focused on scholarship in learning development, curriculum design and skills for future graduates. She is the Director of Learning Development at the Queen Mary Engineering School in Xi'an, China.