Prof Julia Shelton
BA(Cantab) PhD(Lond)


Research Overview

wear, tissue engineering, total joint replacement, tissue biomechanics, coatings, biomedical materials, orthopaedic devices, tendon


Julia Shelton's field of research covers biomechanics, in particular, the development of measurement systems applied to the body. Aspects of my research include the evaluation of tissue engineered structures and developing accelerated wear testing, in vitro, for the evaluation of total hip joint replacements. I currently have two main areas of research interest namely orthopaedic systems and tissue engineering. Overall my research is concerned with all aspects of biomechanics. I was involved in research in the IRC in Biomedical Materials, co-ordinating 4 project areas namely orthopaedic alloys, fracture fixation, orthopaedic systems and ligament replacement. I have been leading research projects to investigate the mechanical stimulation of cells, in particular in tendon and ligaments. Cells experience strains physiologically and it is important to understand how these influence the biological response. The prediction of likely clinical success from short term laboratory tests is of increasing importance in the healthcare sector. My research is involved in developing such tests. I am interested in the wear of hip joints, and I am developing tests to improve the understanding of the development of high wear rates in a range of bearing material combinations.