Prof Julia Shelton
BA(Cantab) PhD(Lond)


Research Funding

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Previous Funded Research Projects

Smart Spacers

Funding source: Technology Strategy Board
Start: 01-02-2016  /  End: 31-05-2018

Previous PhD Studentship Projects

Post-Graduate Studentship

Funding source: Corin Ltd
Start: 01-10-2013  /  End: 30-09-2016

Other Research Projects

Use of Silver Chromium Nitride coatings on bearing surfaces

Tissue Engineering focused on the development of improved ligament replacements, prostheses and neoligaments and in the characterisation of tendons

The area of tissue engineering is a rapidly expanding field, important in many disciplines within medicine. However, critically the major advances will arise in the field when an improved understanding of cellular processes is understood. Current research work has been focused on the development of improved ligament replacements…

Orthopaedic Systems

This research area focuses in the development of lifetime predictions for skeletal implants, to establish reliable long term clinical predictions from short term laboratory tests. Research to perform laboratory wear tests on hip replacements, with the ultimate aim to develop methodologies for predicting clinical wear in novel…

Factors leading to the corrosion of tapers used in medical devices