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Dr Joe Briscoe
MSci (Hons), PhD, FHEA, CSci, MIMMM, MInstP


Research Overview

Renewable Energy, Energy harvesting, Nanomaterials, Photovoltaics, Photoelectrochemistry, Functional Materials, Perovskites, Ferroelectrics

Research Focus

In my research I combine expertise in solution-based synthesis of nanostructured thin films (e.g. nanorods/nanowires, mesoporous films) with the fabrication and testing of a range of sustainable energy devices. Specifically I have expertise in photovoltaics (PVs), photocatalysis/photoelectrocatalysis (PEC) and piezoelectric energy harvesters (nanogenerators). I am particularly interested in how multiple functionalities can interact within these devices, for example electrical polarisation in ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials with light absortion and charge separation.

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Research Areas and Expertise

  • Synthesis of nanostructured functional materials, e.g. light-absorber, charge transport layers, photocatalyst (PC) and photoelectrocatalyst (PEC) materials, ferroelectrics, piezoelectrics.
  • Fabrication and testing of inorganic and hybrid devices including:
    • Dye-sensitised solar cells (DSSCs)
    • Hybrid organic inorganic lead halide perovskites
    • Quantum dot-sensitised solar cells
    • Inorganic/organic hybrid nanostructured PVs.
    • Flexible devices, including nanogenerators.
  • Material characterisation including SEM, XRD, XPS, UV-Vis spectroscopy, PL, AFM/PFM, EIS, etc..