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February 2024

Steels, 5th edition

Steels, 5th edition

4 February 2024

Steels: Structure, Properties and Design could be an essential text and reference, providing foundational content for researchers, metallurgists, and engineers, wherever they may be. The book has subject matter that can inspire at all levels. The book has insights into the beauty of careful design based on understanding -- the … [more]

September 2023

Front cover

Theory of transformations in steels - free download

26 September 2023

The book is now available freely, in electronic form.

Front cover of book

Course book for EMS523U published, entitled Phase Transitions - introduction and worked examples

21 September 2023

This short book is an introduction. Each of the concepts covered is sufficient and complete to the extent appropriate for a semester of an undergraduate course. There are worked examples that can stimulate absorption of the subject. The book is suitable for second year students in any of the following … [more]

August 2023

Gramophone from the 1920s

1920's Tyrela gramophone - powered by steel

30 August 2023

This gramophone is made in the early 1920s, out of mahogany wood. It is hand wound (to store energy in a steel spring) and uses 78 r.p.m. records. The volume of the output can be controlled by opening and closing the doors. The steel-needle translates the topology of the … [more]

In Harry's office. Professor Wu is holding a copy of 'Phase Transitions' written by Harry and Haixue Yan.

Visitors from Sichuan University

17 August 2023

Professor Jiangang Wu and Dr Ting Zheng from Sichuan University visited Harry at Queen Mary University of London. They work on ferroelectrics and phase transformations. During the visit, they had the opportunity to attend talks by Karin Hing on biomaterials, and Harry Bhadeshia on machine learning, on the occasion that … [more]

June 2023

Iron crystals from the Moon

Iron crystals from the Moon

7 June 2023

Crystallographic analysis of scanning electron microscopy images of small μm-sized single crystals of b.c.c. iron found on the surface of the Moon shows that the deltoidal icositetrahedron faceting behaviour clearly seen is best describable as being from planes of the {229} form. While possibly unexpected given the lack … [more]

May 2023


Novel steel, high-carbon martensite that does not need tempering

23 May 2023

A lecture delivered at the Future Metallugy Forum, organised by Professor Zhongyun Fan who is also the Director of the EPSRC Liquid Metal Engineering hub at Brunel University. The idea that strong high-carbon martensite is brittle in its virgin condition is embedded firmly in metallurgical convention. The brittleness is apparent … [more]

March 2023

Darwin College Lecture Series

Isolation of Atomic Mechanisms: the Choreographer at Play

16 March 2023

Emeritus Tata Steel Professor of Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge, as well as Professor of Metallurgy at Queen Mary University of London, Harry is a Fellow at Darwin and co-organiser of this year’s lecture series. He was knighted in 2015 in recognition of his development of new forms … [more]

Harry Bhadeshia

Watch Harry Bhadeshia's inaugural lecture from QM's Night of Science and Engineering

9 March 2023

On 8 February 2023 Harry Bhadeshia gave his inaugural lecture at Queen Mary University of London Harry discussed the often haphazard yet remarkably graceful motion of atoms within solid iron, and how his work seeks to exploit these properties to build inspiring new physical forms, such as the world’s first … [more]

Professor Heonik Kwon, the self-imposed isolation of North Korea

The Self-Imposed Isolation of North Korea - Professor Heonik Kwon

3 March 2023

North Korea is one of the most secluded societies in today’s world. Its system of rule is often referred to as an enigma of modern politics. This essay asks what has caused this condition of extreme isolation, highlighting the relentless pursuit of a historically durable charismatic political power. … [more]

February 2023

Arik Kershanbaum

Are we alone in the Universe?

24 February 2023

Is there intelligent life elsewhere in the universe? If not, does that mean that we humans are utterly alone in creation? Recent technological developments make the discovery of life on other planets almost expected within the coming decades. But most of the inhabited planets we hope to discover may well … [more]

Professor Philip Jones

Optical tweezers - isolation and trapping

17 February 2023

In 2018 Arthur Ashkin was awarded a half share of that year’s Nobel Prize in Physics “for the optical tweezers and their application to biological systems”. The work for which he was recognised had its origins more than thirty years before, and in the years since their … [more]

A Night of Science and Engineering in the Octagon

Celebrating Science and Engineering at Queen Mary University of London

14 February 2023

On 8 February, Queen Mary’s Faculty of Science and Engineering was joined by a host of distinguished guests to celebrate A Night of Science and Engineering. Professor Wen Wang, Vice-Principal and Executive Dean for Science and Engineering welcomed all with a speech about the Faculty’s ambitions, and … [more]

Inaugural lecture

Slides of inaugural lecture

8 February 2023

The slides used for the inaugural lecture given as a part of the Queen Mary Presents: night of science, can be downloaded from the link below.

Professor Adrian Kent

The Closeting of Secrets – Physics and Cryptography

3 February 2023

The definition and properties of information may seem to be fundamental features of the world that are independent of how particles, fields and space-time behave. In fact, though, information is fundamentally physical and twentieth century physics has radically changed our understanding of its nature and properties. Einstein’s relativity … [more]

January 2023

Professor Sir Harry Bhadeshia

A Q&A with Professor Sir Harry Bhadeshia: "I discovered that steel is complicated."

30 January 2023

Professor Sir Harry Bhadeshia will deliver his inaugural lecture at Queen Mary Presents on 8 February 2023. Queen Mary Presents is a new programme which ensures that everyone, everywhere, can be part of Queen Mary’s discussions. From question and answer sessions, to panel discussions and podcasts, we aim to provide … [more]

Dr Amy Nethery

The Isolation of Asylum Seekers: immigration detention in Australia. Dr Amy Nethery

26 January 2023

The second talk in the Darwin College Lecture Series on "Isolation - solitude, secrets, atoms... :" by Amy Nethery, Deakin University in Australia. Australia’s policy of mandatory, indefinite and unreviewable immigration detention was introduced in the early 1990s to respond to the arrival of asylum seekers by … [more]

Professor Christine van Ruymbeke

Christine van Ruymbeke's talk on escaping solitude

19 January 2023

On Escaping or Not Escaping Solitude. Persian Tales of Turtles and Pearls. The first talk in the Darwin College Lecture Series on "Isolation - solitude, secrets, atoms ... is now available on YouTube. Abstract: Narratives speak volumes. As remarked by the philosopher Hannah Arendt, they are the only possible medium … [more]

Darwin College Lecture Series

Darwin College Lectures begin 20th of January.

1 January 2023

A fixture of the College calendar since the 1980s, the Darwin College Lecture Series is a unique opportunity to hear experts in their field explore the same topic from different angles, perspectives and disciplines over an eight-week Cambridge term. The subject this year is isloation but not in the context … [more]

December 2022

Bainite transformation kinetics

Bainite transformation kinetics - freely available computer program

21 December 2022

This program allows the kinetics of the bainite transformation to be estimated as a function of heat treatment, austenite grain size and the chemical composition of the steel concerned. Courtesy of Materials Algorithms Project: [more]

Daniel and Harry

Daniel Gaude Fugarolis visits from Spain.

14 December 2022

Daniel Guade Fugarolis who did his Ph.D. research with Harry, visits in the depth of winter. Temperature outside was -3°C but it was nice to really see him. We talked for hours, about very many things and Daniel met a few people during lunch. Daniel now runs … [more]

Materials Algorithms Project

Diffusion of carbon in steel

11 December 2022

Self-contained computer program including source code, for the calculation of the concentration-dependent diffusivity of carbon in austenite, including temperature and chemical composition (C, substitutional solutes) as inputs. Freely available from [more]

November 2022


Isolation -- secrets, solitude, atoms .....

25 November 2022

Arising from the 2023 Darwin College Lectures, this book presents eight essays on the theme of isolation, each written by an academic with an exceptional passion for the creation and dissemination of knowledge. Together, the essays constitute an interdisciplinary volume spanning the humanities and sciences, designed for a wide appeal. Isolation … [more]

October 2022

Dongyang Sun, Zhilun Lu, Bernard Saw Lip Huat, and of course, Haixue Yan (left to right)

These fine academics visit Harry at QMUL office: Dr Dongyang Sun (Edinburgh Napier University), Dr Zhilun Lu (Edinburgh Napier University), Dr Bernard Saw Lip Huat (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman), and of course, Haixue Yan.

27 October 2022

Professor Wenwen Song and Harry Bhadeshia

Professor Wenwen Song, of Aachen University in Germany, visits QMUL.

25 October 2022

September 2022

Mike Keeble presenting the Henry Clifton Sorby Award in New Orleans to Professor Sir Harry Bhadeshia

Professor Sir Harry Bhadeshia is awarded the Henry Clifton Sorby Award

13 September 2022

The International Metallographic Society awarded Professor Sir Harry Bhadeshia the Henry Clifton Sorby Award. It is awarded annually to an "internationally recognised figure for lifetime achievement in the fields of metallography and materials science". It is the highest honour presented by the International Metallographic Society and was presented … [more]