Dr Giuseppe Viola

Dr Giuseppe Viola

Teaching Fellow

Mile End
Expertise: Domain switching in ferroelectric and ferroelastic materials; Degradation and fracture behaviour of ferroelectric and ferroelastic materials; Spark Plasma Sintering of advanced ceramics.

Brief Biography

Giuseppe Viola obtained his first degree in Materals Engineering in "Federico II" University of Naples in 2004. In 2005 he joined Queen Mary University of London as a PhD/Teaching Assistant in the Department of Materials. In January 2007 he left the Teaching Assistant position to fully work on his PhD project under Prof. Mike Reece supervision. In 2009 he was awarded of the PGCAP certificate and in Decemebr 2009 defended his PhD thesis on domain switching dynamics in ferroelastic and ferroelectric ceramics. Since May 2010 he is employed in QMUL as a Research Assistant on a project supported by ImpactQM on scaling up development of Spark Plasma Sintering process.