Prof David Lee
BSc (Hons), MA, PhD


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Prof Lee

Current PhD Projects

Thesis Title
Control of the Circadian Clock in Chondrocytes
High throughput analysis of mechanosensitive microRNA

Past PhD Projects

Thesis TitleYear
Multi-Scale Force Transmission to and within the Nucleus2021
Mechanoregulation of nucleus architecture and genome function in pluripotent stem cells2018
The influence of mechanical perturbation on the pluripotency and cell fate2018
Role of matrix fragments and mechanical signals in the development of osteoarthritis2017
Mechanical properties of stem cells using micropipette aspiration2015
Nuclear Related Responses to Osmotic Challenge in Chondrocytes2013
Characterisaction of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Metabolism during Proliferation and Differentiation2010
Temporal regulation of tenocyte metabolism in strained fascicles2008
The influence of direct current electrical stimulation on chondrocytes in a 3D model system2008
Medium perfusion influences molecular transport in tissue-engineered constructs2007
Modulation of the effect of tensile strain on fibroblasts by extracellular matrix molecules and serum2006
Strategies to induce chondrogenesis in human mesenchymal stem cells2006
Chondrocyte metabolism in alginate constructs for tissue engineering2004
The contribution of structural components to tendon mechanics.2003
Role of nitric oxide and PGE2 in chondrocyte mechano transduction.2002
The influence of tensile strain on fibroblasts in culture.2002
Mechanotransduction pathways associated with intracellular calcium in chondrocytes within 3D constructs.2001
The organisation of cytoskeletal components in isolated chondrocytes cultured in agarose2001
The in vitro response to simulated intra-articular environment associated with a cell-seeded ligament repair system2000
Evaluation of novel polymer for articular cartilage repair1998
In-vitro evaluation of chondrocyte/alginate constructs for tissue engineered articular cartilage1998
Deformation of isolated articular chondrocytes cultured in agarose constructs1997