Centre for Intelligent Transport

Experimental and analytical modelling of micro-fluidic devices for energy and smart machines

Principal investigator:Eldad AVITAL
Funding source(s):BEIS Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
 Start: 01-04-2023  /  End: 31-07-2024
 Amount: £8800
Research Centre:
Stream function contours of Stokes flow next to a micro spherical particle above a wall (at z=0) and which is subject to a uniform DC electric field acting in the z (vertical) direction (Miloh & Avital 2022 https://www.mdpi.com/2072-666X/13/8/1173)Micro-fluidic devices are of significant importance in a wide range of engineering fluid-systems from energy-applications as improving kinetic-turbine performance, noise control, bio-engineering to smart micro-machines design. This project will focus on two-strands of micro-fluidic systems for flow control and modelling of smart micro-machines composed of electro-thermal-kinetic particles. Both aspects are at the forefront of academic-research and innovation with engineering applications in renewables (wind/water), targeted medication delivery, biofluid system-support (e.g. blood-circulation) and morphing structures by controlling building-blocks of electro-thermal-kinetic particles, all being studied by QMUL & TAU. This study is supported by UUKi and DSIT.