Centre for Intelligent Transport

Creative Clusters Fashion in Smart Textile

Principal investigator:James BUSFIELD
Co-investigator(s): and Haixue YAN
Funding source(s):AHRC Arts and Humanities Research Council
 Start: 31-10-2018  /  End: 31-05-2024
 Amount: £345900
Research Centres:
BFTT campaign

Rapid prototyping and manufacturing has begun to transform design, making and business models in sectors such as automotive and aerospace manufacture, as well as medicine. These technologies have not yet been fully exploited within fashion and textile contexts, where opportunities for small-batch production of fixings (such as buttons or zips) as well as 3D-printed textile materials and objects remain largely unacknowledged. Tthis project aims to experiment with materials made from recycled and alternative materials stream. For these technologies to achieve widespread uptake in fashion contexts, the barriers to adoption need to be understood.