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Tissue Engineering Animation Workshops

Principal investigator: Martin KNIGHT
Funding source(s): EPSRC
 Amount: £37,400

School children taking part in the science animation workshopThis EPSRC funded Partnership for Public Awareness was in collaboratiom with City Learning Centre and Centre of the Cell. We ran a series of animation workshops in which groups of school children learnt about different aspects of medical science. This involved a talk from a senior scientist followed by two carefully structured worhshop sessions where students produced a short animated film describing the science. One such film won the Planet SciCast best biology film award. Science topics and presenters included:

  • Cartilage Injury and Repair, Dr Martin Knight
  • You me and HIV, Prof Fran Balkwell
  • Tuberculosis, Dr Tanya Parish
  • Gum Disease, Prof Frances Hughes
  • Cancer and its Treatment, Dr Tatjana Crnogorac-Jurcevic
  • Skin Tissue Engineering, Prof Harshad Navsaria