Abrasion of Elastomer Materials

Principal investigator: James BUSFIELD
Funding source(s): Cabot Corporation
 Start: 01-11-2013  /  End: 30-04-2016
Directly incurred staff: Guangchang Wu
Blade Abrasion Testing Facility

For tyres the rate of abrasion is clearly important when determining the product life. Abrasion tests are being done in parallel with a coupled finite element / fracture mechanics approach. For typical SBR tyre tread compounds the principal abrasion rate determining mechanisms for the loss of rubber results from tearing phenomena occurring at the root of individual asperities in the contact patch and this has allowed the complex abrasion processes to be understood. This has shown that the rate of abrasion under a wide range of friction conditions can be predicted from measurements made on independent fatigue test pieces. This project is designed to see how nano-particulate reinforced materials can be optimised to improve abrasion resistance of tyre formulations.