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New computational algorithms for high-resolution turbulent flow simulations

Principal investigator: Sergey KARABASOV
Co-investigator(s): V.M.Goloviznin, A.M.Sipatov and V.A.Titarev

General-purpose computational approaches are very important in turbulent flow modelling. Large Eddy Simulation (LES) is one popular approach of this type which is becoming increasingly popular due to increase in the computer power. LES methods rely on directly resolving large flow scale above a certain limit to capture all dynamically important flow scales. For achieving this under the constraint of a finite grid resolution, the use of high-resolution numerical methods is crucial. Based on the high-resolution schemes developed for nonlinear hyperbolic conservation laws in the group over the years, this research aims to extend the modelling to include: high-performance computing with efficient access to cache memory (CPU and GPU), asynchronous time stepping and nested grids, and multi-phase flow applications.

Collaborators: Moscow Institute of Nuclear Safety Russia, Perm State Polytechnic University Russia, Argonne National Laboratory US.
Research Staff: Dr Vasily Semiltov, Dr Anton Markesteijn
Funding: Royal Society of London, JSC Aviadvigatel Russia