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Biomimetic Robotics: Mechanisms and Control

Principal investigator: Ranjan VEPA

The focus is of this research is on the electrical interfacing and the transference of control signals. Brian-computer interfacing and issues such as controlling essential tremor as well as cerebellar, dystonic or Parkinsonian tremor are targeted. Lower limb prosthesis, the automatic control of walking with artificial limbs and the use of biosensors and transducers in dealing with limb prostheses form the basis for the design of the control system for prosthetic limbs.
Of particular interest in this area is the model predictive control based on unscented Kalman filtering of nonlinear model of prosthetic limb motions. The problem being nonlinear, it involves the design of non-linear optimal control based on joint parameter and state estimation using the unscented Kalman filter.
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