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Vision based Integrated Flight Control and Navigation

Principal investigator: Ranjan VEPA
Co-investigator(s): K.Petrakou

Fig. 6 Simulation of the airport runway image’s primary features (edges, lines, horizon in blue) within the field of view (within the red and cyan lines) on the camera screen(Vision based, GPS integrated, autonomous navigation and nonlinear dynamic inversion control of aircraft and ground vehicles) This project is being undertaken by a Doctoral student.
Related Publications: i) Petrakou K. and Vepa, R., “Measurement and Nonlinear Estimation of Runway Visual Features for Aircraft Landing Applications,” Paper presented at the Royal Institute of Navigation's NAV10: Position, Location, Timing: Everyone, Everything, Everywhere conference, London, 30/11/2010 - 02/12/2010.
ii) Vepa, R. and Petrakou K., “Inertial Navigation Position and Orientation Estimation with Occasional Galileo Satellite Position Fixes and Stereo Camera Measurements,” Presented at the European Navigation Conference (ENC2012), Gda?sk, Poland, 25-27 April 2012.