The influence of osmotic challenge on chondrocyte mechanics

Principal investigator: Martin KNIGHT
Co-investigator(s): Wen WANG
Funding source(s): China Scholarship
 Start: 30-09-2011  /  End: 01-10-2015
Directly incurred staff: Zhao Wang

Micropipette aspiration of a neutrophil (adapted from Mientao et al, 1993, Passive mechanical behaviour of human neutrophils. Biophysical J.) This PhD studentship examines the mechanical properties of articular chondrocytes and the influence of osmotic pressure. In particular hypo osmotic challenge results in an increase in cell size and associated changes in cell mechanics. The study involves quantification of cellular mechanics using micropipette aspiration and analytical modelling and investigation of the underlying mechanism involving interaction between the cortical actin cytoskeleton and the cell membrane. PhD Student: Zhao Wang (China Scholarship Scheme)