Locating communities in community-based learning: empowering local community groups in university-community partnerships

Principal investigator: Rehan SHAH
Co-investigator(s): Dr. David Geiringer (QMUL)
Funding source(s): QMUL Centre for Public Engagement
 Start: 08-11-2023  /  End: 12-08-2024
 Amount: £1,000
This project involves organisation of a workshop at QMUL featuring 20 existing local community partners involved in community-based learning and teaching (CBLT) in current undergraduate modules at QMUL to explore how they experience such community-university collaborations. The intention of this will be to develop and extend CBLT by foregrounding the voices of community leaders/representatives and build more mutually beneficial practice, while also extending the networks of the partners beyond the humanities and social sciences, thereby enabling them to work with the wider university, particularly within science and engineering disciplines.