Promoting equity in education for sustainable development through community-based learning and teaching

Principal investigator: Rehan SHAH
Co-investigator(s): Dr. Anne Preston (UCL) and Dr. Stephanie Fuller (QMUL)
Funding source(s): Association for Learning Development in Higher Education (ALDinHE)
 Start: 09-10-2023  /  End: 31-10-2024
 Amount: £1,000
Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) plays a crucial role in equipping learners with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to create a sustainable future. Community-based learning and teaching provides a platform for learners to engage directly with local communities, enabling them to develop a holistic understanding of ESD through firsthand knowledge of local challenges, cultural practices, and sustainable solutions. However, achieving equitable learning outcomes in ESD remains a persistent challenge. This research project aims to investigate the integration of ESD and community-based education within the curricula of two collaborating universities in East London. Through co-creation with student partners, we will assess the extent of integration and identify gaps and challenges in achieving equitable learning outcomes in ESD. Working with Learning Development (LD) communities across both universities, we aim to develop recommendations for integrating effective community-based learning approaches into ESD practices.