Identifying and recognising threshold concepts in mathematics education

Principal investigator: Rehan SHAH
Co-investigator(s): Dr. Manish Malik (Canterbury Christ Church University)
Funding source(s): London Mathematical Society (LMS) and QMUL School of Engineering and Materials Science
 Start: 08-01-2024  /  End: 30-09-2024
 Amount: £750
This scoping study project aims at identifying and recognising key threshold concepts inherent within undergraduate mathematics-based courses at university. Following this, it seeks to examine the pedagogical implications that knowledge and awareness of these concepts can lead to for teachers and educators, both with regard to curriculum development and assessment design. This will also be supported through findings obtained from a one-day workshop organised featuring discussions and interactions between internal and external academics and colleagues from various UK universities on identifying and recognising the implications of threshold concepts in the teaching of undergraduate mathematics . The discussions will enable lecturers to understand what key threshold concepts exist in mathematics-based modules and to identify/recognise such concepts in order to facilitate the development of students’ understanding within their own modules.