ATHLETE Energy Entrepreneurs Fund

Principal investigator: Mike REECE
Funding source(s): BEIS Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
 Start: 14-05-2018  /  End: 31-12-2020
 Amount: £128,015
SEMS division:

ATHLETE will develop and demonstrate innovative thermoelectric technologies for waste heat recovery that achieves increased energy efficiency through power generation.

Specifically, ATHLETE aims to develop low cost, thermoelectric alloys for waste heat recovery to achieve devices and larger systems with very high thermal efficiency in comparison with global competitors. The project aims to achieve TRL 5 from an initial starting point of TRL3 within this 18-month project. This will allow our consortium to achieve a significant step towards developing a world-leading technology for the global heat recovery market.

ETL are working with Queen Mary College, University of London and Johnson Matthey. JM is a FTSE100 company manufacturing speciality chemicals with experience in the fabrication of thermoelectric materials. QMUL are a European-leading research centre for processing of thermoelectrics and have been involved in a several projects with ETL to develop these technologies. These partners give us a unique, world-leading, UK-based consortium to address the technical challenges relating to materials developments and industrial up-scaling.