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Bifunctional Hybrid Electrocatalysts

Principal investigator: Ana JORGE SOBRIDO
Funding source(s): E.P.S.R.C.
 Start: 01-12-2017  /  End: 30-11-2019
 Amount: £101,061
SEMS divisions:
The high cost of the noble metal catalysts employed in energy devices is one of the major drawbacks to their full development and exploitation. There are many reports new materials that can overcome state-of-the-art limitations. However, not much research has been done to understand the structure-property relationships to allow an improved performance. This project aims to create transition metal perovskite/nitrogen-doped carbon electrospun nanofibres as alternative cost-efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts to replace noble metals in energy conversion and storage devices. At the same time, we will develop new in situ studies that will allow a deeper understanding of the structure-property relationships allowing for further optimisation.