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EPSRC CASE Studentship with NPL

Principal investigator: Tina CHOWDHURY
Co-investigator(s): Robert Donnan and Richard Dudley
Funding source(s): NPL Management Ltd
 Start: 01-10-2016  /  End: 31-03-2020
Directly incurred staff: Wesleigh Dawsmith
SEMS division:

HydraSense is a SMART device to monitor hydration real-time and non-invasively. Dr Richad Dudley and his team at NPL have developed an ear-mounted device that can monitor the amount of water consumed (hydration) and compare to the amount of water lost (dehydration). The project will utilise the prototype to measure microwave absorption loss at 10-12 GHz.  Monitoring hydration in athletes who have undertaken moderate to strenuous exercise will provide a SMART tool that benefits training and improves performance for sports people.

We also have two prototypes that have the potential to monitor real-time hydration changes in the clinic, emergency scenarios, GP surgery or at home. The findings from the work have the potential to develop a real-time monitoring device suitable for the healthcare and sports industry.

The project supports Wesleigh Dawsleigh during his PhD studentship (2016-2020) and involves a number of collaborators at NPL, QMUL and St Mary's University, Twickenham.