Changes in primary cilia mediate the anti-inflammatory effects of mechanical loading

Principal investigator: Martin KNIGHT
Co-investigator(s): Wen WANG and
Funding source(s): China Scholarship Council (CSC)
 Start: 29-09-2015  /  End: 28-09-2019
Directly incurred staff: Su Fu
This new PhD studentship follows on from our previous work highlighting the importance of primary cilia in inflammation. Here we will examine whether mechanical loading is anti-inflammatory due to its effect on reducing primary cilia length. The study will initially focus on articular cartilage for which IL-1B stimulates cartilage degeneration as seen in osteoarthritis. Previous studies have shown that compressive mechanical loading is anti-inflammatory. Studies have shown that primary cilia are required for inflammatory signalling and are also modulated by mechanical loading. This study aims to identify the effect of mechanical loading on IL-1B induced inflammatory signalling and test the hypothesis that mechanical loading modulates IL-1? signalling by regulating primary cilia length and trafficking. PhD Student: Su Fu