Division of Bioengineering

Organ-on-a-chip Centre of Excellence

Principal investigator: Martin KNIGHT
Co-investigator(s): Hazel SCREEN
Funding source(s): Emulate Inc.
 Start: 20-08-2019  /  End: 19-09-2023
 Amount: £525,375
SEMS division:
An Emulate microfluidic organ-chipThe QM-Emulate Organs-on-Chips Centre provides access to Emulate’s Organs-on-Chips technology to enable researchers to develop organ models of their design to expedite their experiments. Expert staff are on hand to support with training and use of the platform as well as pushing forward new organ-on-a-chip research projects led by Knight and Screen. The Centre also provides opportunities for collaboration with Emulate and support for commercialisation and translational impact. The centre is part of the new Centre for Predictive in vitro Models (CPM). Visit the web site to see full details of this and the new Emulate centre: https://www.cpm.qmul.ac.uk/emulate/