Dr Xinwei Wang
BSc (Honours), PhD


Research Group Members

PhD students

- Jiaxing Li (2023- ): Towards Intelligent Decision Support and Risk Assessment Systems

- Tingting Yang (2023- ): Trustable Multi-Modal Public Transport [main advisor: Dr J. Chen]

- Feezan Akhtar (2023- ): Routing and Scheduling Movements at Airports [main advisor: Dr J. Chen]

- Yinghao Qin (2022- ): Simulation-Based Energy and Infrastructure Management [main advisor: Dr J. Chen]

- Khaled Mustafa (2022- ): Risk-Aware Motion Planning [TU Delft, main advisor: Dr J. Alonso-Mora]


Past members

- Yuxia Yuan (2021-2023): Driving Behaviour Models Considering Risk Perception and Behaviour Prediction [TU Delft, main advisors: Prof R. Happee and Prof M. Wang] Now: Researcher at TU Munich

- Yi Gu (2018-2023): Earth observation System Scheduling [BUAA, main advisor: Prof C. Han] Now: Assistant Professor at Central South University


Current PhD Projects

Thesis Title
Effective Energy and Infrastructure Management through Simulation-based Optimisation
Integrated Airport Airside Simulation, Control & Decision-making
Routing and scheduling movement at airports considering interdependence & intermediate holding.
Towards Intelligent Decision Support and Risk Assessment Tra