Dr Patrick Cullen
MChem, PhD, FHEA


Research Group Members

Current PhD Projects

Thesis Title
2D Energy Materials: Modifying Hard Carbon via Potassium Vapour Transport for use in Sodium Ion Battery Anodes
Dielectrophoretic manipulation of liquid exfoliated 2D materials on a chip
Durable 3D nanostructured Zn anodes for rechargeable Zn-air
Interstitial Hydrides of High Entropy Alloys
Promotion of the C-C coupling reaction by Nanoparticles embedded in MOFs catalysts Dr Patrick Cullen is now Primary Supervisor
Reducing emissions from gas supply chains
Sustainable antibacterial electrospun fabrics for masks and medical applications
Thermoelectric Metal-Organic Frameworks: Design, Synthesis and Assessment

Past PhD Projects

Thesis TitleYear
Free-standing boron, nitrogen and iron doped graphitic electrodes for dioxygen reduction reaction electrocatalysis in alkaline fuel cells2023