Dr Paul Balcombe
MEng, PhD, CEng, MIChemE


Research Group Members

Postdoctoral researchers:

Dalia Heggo (d.heggo@qmul.ac.uk); Measuring and modelling methane emissions from LNG shipping. 


PhD researchers:

Maria Olczak (m.olczak@qmul.ac.uk); Methane emissions in Europe: by how much can they be reduced and how do we get there? (began July 2020)

Alex Byford (a.d.byford@qmul.ac.uk); Global low carbon hydrogen and ammonia supply chains: how to minimize emissions and costs (began April 2021)

Junbo Huang (junbo.huang@qmul.ac.uk); Hydrogen and the decarbonisation of China: a macro-economic study (visiting PhD researcher, began November 2021)

Research Assistants

Dr Balcombe
HEGGO, Dalia