Dr Lei Su
BSc, MRes, PhD, FHEA


Research Group Members

Postdoctoral Researcher:

Dr Xuechun Wang

Dr Dhruv Saxena

Dr Hangfeng Zhang

PhD Students:

Mr Xin Na

Mr Wending Chu

Miss Xinyue Wang

Mr Zilong Li

Mr Cesar Alvarez

Mr Yufei Wang

Ms Madeeha Tabassum


MRes Students:

Miss Maria Fernanda Gutierrez-Rosas

Past members: 

Dr Yongfeng Zhou (PhD student 2018-2022), now Product Engineer at Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd

Dr Pengfei Fan (PhD student 2018-2022), now Lecturer, at Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University

Dr Sanjukta Sarkar ( PDRA 2021-2023), now PDRA at the University of Cambridge

Dr Thomas Robins  ( PDRA 2021-2022), TBC

Prof Luming Zhao (Marie Curie Fellow 2018-2020), now Professor at HUST, China

Michael Ruddlesden (PhD student 2016-2020), on an Inclusive Business Lab Fellowship

Jinshuai Zhang (PhD student 2016-2020), Postdoctoral Researcher, Peking University

Karen Blankangel (PhD student 2016-2020), TBC

Liang Deng (PhD student 2013-2017), T7 Technology

Lei Li (Academic visitor, 2018), Associate Professor, Jiangsu Normal University

Haitao Huang (Academic visitor, 2018), Associate Professor, Jiangsu Normal University

Tianrui Zhao (PhD candidate, 2017-2018), PhD student at King's College London

Haimei Luo (Academic visitor, 2016-2017), Associate Professor, Jiangxi Normal University

Jiajia Zhao (Visiting PhD student, 2016-2017), Now Lecturer, Changsha University of Science and Technology

Zhe Shen (PhD student, 2013-2017), Associate Professor, Nanjing Tech. University

Lipei Song (PDRA, 2015-2016), Lectuer, University of Nankai, China

Chen Liu (Academic visitor, 2014-2015), Professor, HUST, China

Benham Bastani (PDRA, 2014-2015))

Netish Dowlath (KTP Associate, 2014-2015)

Alberto Mota Remero (MSc Student, 2015-2016)

Jerin Thomas (MSc Student, 2016-2017)



Research Assistants

Dr Saxena
Dr Su
WANG, Xuechun

Current PhD Projects

Thesis Title
Development of a Prosthetic Hand
Development of exoskeletons for elderly and stroke patient with motor tremor problem
Flexible ultrasound sensor
Hybrid Perovskite Nanocrystals: Synthesis, Stability and Defect Tolerance
Hydrogel Waveguides for Clinical Applications
Ion channel blockers effect on viability, cell migration and
Long-term Tracking and Targeted Therapy of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Labeled Nanoparticles
Single crystal perovskite optical and electronic devices
Single optical fibre imaging
Single-shot optical imaging system for hidden objects behind scattering media by Particle Swarm Optimization and Deep Learning
Smart electronic skin with multi-sensing uints integration
Towards in-situ optical and electrochemical imaging to monitor action potentials for in-vitro and in-vivo applications

Past PhD Projects

Thesis TitleYear
Low Dimensional Halide Perovskite Derivatives and Metal Halides for Thermoelectric Applications2023
Multimode optical waveguide shape sensing based on specklegram classification2023
Soft Optical-Based Sensors Fabrication and Evaluation for Curvature and Shape Estimation of Soft Actuators2023
Deep learning for information transmission through a multimode fibre2022
Single-Crystal Perovskite Optical Fibres2022
Multimode Fibre Imaging2021
Synthesis of hybrid perovskite single crystals and study of their optoelectronic and photonic properties with nano/microstructures2021