Prof James Busfield


Research Group Members

Research Assistants

Prof Busfield
GRIGGS, Thomas

Current PhD Projects

Thesis Title
Developing crashworthy and thermally conductive graphene related composite materials for electrical car battery assembly
Elucidation of Smear Wear Mechanism
Filler Reinforcement of Elastomers
Flexible ultrasound sensor
Graphene based transparent electrodes for tuneable optical devices
Innovative Tactile and Optical Sensing and Actuating Devices
Lifetime predictions of Elastomers
Nanostructured Reinforcing Fillers to Enhance Physical and Mechanical Properties
Numerical simulation in composite-metal joint analysis
Optimisation of a Novel Polymeric Heart Valve
Optimisation of Tyre Wear Performance
Self-healing Polyurethane Composites as Coating Materials for Wind Turbine Blades
Sustainable Future Footwear and Fashion Technology

Past PhD Projects

Thesis TitleYear
Carbon black reinforcement of tyre tread compounds2024
Frictional Properties of Elastomer Seals.2023
Complex Architectures of Poly(2-oxazoline)s via Post-Polymerisation Modification2022
Development of Self-healing and Recyclable Elastomers2022
Prediction of Leakage in Elastomeric Seals for High Pressure Applications2022
Characterisation of Elastomers for oil and Dynamic Sealing Applications2020
Innovative Tuneable Optical Devices Based on Smart Electroactive Elastomers2020
Soft smart machines: Electrically tuneable devices made of electro-responsive elastomeric smart materials2020
A soft touch: wearable electroactive polymer multi-fingertip soft tactile displays2019
Flexible Self-regulating Heating Composites2019
Modelling the Viscoeleastic Behaviour of Rubber.2019
Predicting the fatigue life and introducing structural health monitoring in cord reinforced rubber composites.2019
Computational Modelling of Fracture Processes in Elastomeric Seals.2018
Sliding Friction in Elastomers2018
Stretchable haptic and optical systems based on electroactive polymer artificial muscles2018
Development of materials and applications for electroactive composites2017
Electric Breakdown of Dielectric Elastomer Actuator Materials2017
Fatigue life prediction in aircraft tyres2017
Predicting tyre compound wear.2017
SmartNanoHeat - Self-regulating heating compounds2017
The Strain Dependent Dielectric Behaviour of Carbon Black Filled Natural Rubber2016
The development of a novel nanostructured silica filler for high friction and low rolling resistance rubber applications.2015
Failure of Rubber Components under Fatigue2014
The behaviour of hollow sphere filled rubber materials under strain2014
Tearing of rubber2013
Natural Rubber/Organoclay Nanocomposites2012
The Impact and Deformation of Press-Fit Metal Acetablular Components2012
Investigation and Modelling of Rubber Friction2010
Viscoelastic Properties of Elastomer under Complex Loading2010
Carbon Black Filler Reinforcement of Elastomers2009
Investigating the Mechanism of Elastomer Abrasion2007
The Recycling of Crumb Rubber2007
Predicting the Fatigue life of Elastomer Components2006
Identifying suitable polymeric materials for use in a synthetic heart valve (MPhil)2005
Modelling filler reinforcement in elastomers2005
An investigation of the effect of ageing on the physical properties of natural rubber2003
Stiffness and fatigue failure prediction of bonded elastomer components2002
The mechanical and electrical behaviours of carbon black filled elastomers under strain2002
The role of visco-elasticity on the crack growth behaviour of rubber2001
Dynamic properties of carbon black filled elastomers containing liquids2000
Fatigue crack growth of carbon black reinforced elastomers.2000
Stress-strain behaviour of rubber2000
Deformation, stored energy functions and crack growth in filled rubbers1995
The effect of incorporation of low molar mass liquids on the dynamic mechanical properties of elastomers under strain1995