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Dr Himadri Gupta


Research Group News

January 2021

Image showing live cells in cartilage tissue and the anti-inflammatory effects of TRPV4 activation with GSK101 which prevents biomechanical degradation.

New paper on anti-inflammatory effects of TRPV4 stimulation

11 January 2021

Prof Knight's research group have published a new study showing, for the first time, the anti-inflammatory effects of stimulating the mechanosensitive ion-channel, TRPV4, and its importance in cartilage health. Degenerative joint conditions, such as osteoarthritis, are associated with pro-inflammatory signalling which causes degradation of the articular cartilage leading to … [more]

October 2020

Helicoidal plywood structure of stomatopod cuticle, with X-ray diffraction pattern and in situ compression tester

Andrew Zhang's paper published in ACS Nano

12 October 2020

We are delighted that Dr Yi Zhang (Andrew), currently at the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences at Beijing, has had his paper "Molecular to Macroscale Energy Absorption Mechanisms in Biological Body Armour Illuminated by Scanning X-ray Diffraction with In Situ Compression" accepted in ACS Nano (https://… [more]

October 2019

Yanhong Wang with her PhD examiners Dr. Junning Chen (University of Exeter) and Dr. Haixue Yan (Queen Mary University of London) after the viva.

Yanhong Wang defends her PhD thesis

25 October 2019

Congratulations to Yanhong Wang, who successfully defended her PhD thesis "Synchrotron X-ray nanomechanical imaging applied to multiscale deformation in biological armour" today. Yanhong's examiners were Dr. Junning Chen (University of Exeter) and Dr. Haixue Yan (Queen Mary University of London). [more]

Schematic of different strain-rates encountered by bone during use (left) and the structural model of mineralized matrix deformation at the micro- and nanoscale.

Li Xi's paper on strain-rate dependence of bone accepted in BONE

14 October 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Li Xi, currently at Beijing Institute of Technology, China, whose paper "Reduction of fibrillar strain-rate sensitivity in steroid-induced osteoporosis linked to changes in mineralized fibrillar nanostructure" has been accepted as part of the special issue in BONE honoring the late Prof. John D. Currey (University of York). … [more]

September 2019

Nanoscale structure of cuticle, showing chitin fibrils in a partially mineralized protein matrix. Modification of mineral- and protein- content in the extrafibrillar region leads to significant changes in pre-strain as well as fibrillar deformation mechanics.

Yanhong's paper on chemical modification of cuticle accepted by Acta Biomaterialia

24 September 2019

Congratulations to Yanhong Wang, whose paper "Matrix-induced pre-strain and mineralization-dependent interfibrillar shear transfer enable 3D fibrillar deformation in a biogenic armour" has been accepted by Acta Biomaterialia. Yanhong is funded by a China Scholarship Council studentship. Link: [more]

August 2019

Fibrillar gradients in pre-strain across the thickness of bovine articular cartilage (top) are disrupted in when proteoglycan is enzymatically removed as well as under static compression.

Sheetal's paper published in Acta Biomaterialia

9 August 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Sheetal Inamdar, whose paper "Proteoglycan degradation mimics static compression by altering the natural gradients in fibrillar organisation in cartilage" has been accepted by Acta Biomaterialia. Sheetal's research is funded by a BBSRC grant "The mechanics of the collagen fibrillar network in ageing cartilage" (BB/R003610/1). Link: https://… [more]

July 2019

Yanhong Wang and Himadri Gupta presenting at the ESB2019

11 July 2019

Yanhong Wang and Dr. Himadri Gupta gave oral presentations on research from the Gupta group on cuticle and cartilage nanomechanics, respectively, at the European Society of Biomechanics (ESB) Congress in Vienna, July 7-10 2019. Dr. Gupta also chaired the Track "Micro- and nanoscale biomechanics". Link: [more]

June 2018

Changes in bone quality in steroid-induced osteoporosis.

Xi Li and Paolino's paper accepted in Acta Biomaterialia

1 June 2018

Dr. Xi Li and Dr. Paolino de Falco's paper "Bone matrix development in steroid-induced osteoporosis is associated with a consistently reduced fibrillar stiffness linked to altered bone mineral quality" has been accepted for publication in Acta Biomaterialia. Their work shows a clear link between changes in nanometre-scale mineralized-collagen architecture and … [more]

April 2018

News Image

Technology network awarded funding to capture musculoskeletal degeneration

20 April 2018

Queen Mary University of London - as part of a group of universities, hospitals and research centres - has been awarded funding to create a network seeking to develop new, high energy imaging methods to capture the dynamic biochemical and biophysical processes in biological samples. The human body is highly … [more]

December 2017

The Gupta group at the Alter-Stadtwaechter, Potsdam. From left to right: Sheetal Inamdar, Jingyi Mo, Paolino de Falco (currently at MPIKG, Potsdam), Himadri Gupta and Yanhong Wang.

The Gupta group visits the Max Planck Institute in Potsdam

7 December 2017

From December 4-6, the Gupta group and alumni (Sheetal, Jingyi, Paolino, Yanhong, Himadri) had a very exciting and inspiring trip to the Department of Biomaterials, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (MPIKG) at Potsdam (Germany). Dr. Gupta is an alumnus of the MPIKG, having been one of the first … [more]

September 2017

The findings of this research study may help explain why cartilage breaks down with ageing or arthritis.

Research paper identifies the secret life of collagen

12 September 2017

Dr Gupta and Prof Knight have just published exciting results which cast light on how cartilage is able to withstand the demanding mechanical environment of the joint and may eventually help to explain why cartilage breaks down with ageing or arthritis. Collagen changes its crystallinity in response to physical forces, … [more]