Dr Flurin Eisner
PhD, MSci


Research Overview

Solar Cells, Organic Semiconductors, Optoelectronic Devices, Solar Fuels, Photoelectrochemical Cells, Next-generation semiconductors, Energy materials, Energy Conversion

Research Overview

My research focusses on solution-processable semicondcutor devices for sustainable solar energy conversion and storage. Specifically, I have expertise in organic and inorganic semiconductors for photovoltaic, opto-electronic and photoelectrochemical devices. My research is highly interdisciplinary, spanning Physics, Chemistry and Engineering, and I am interested in improving our understanding fundamental processes in materials and devices, and then using that knowledge to develop better performing and more sustainble technologies. 

My full publication record can be found on my google scholar page.

Current Research Interests

Organic Solar Cells

Hybrid Organic/Inorganic and Organic/Perovskite Interfaces

Photoelectrochemical Cells for Sustainable Solar Fuels