Centre for Sustainable Engineering

Sustainable Electrodes for Advanced Flow Batteries

Principal investigator:Ana JORGE SOBRIDO
Funding source(s):MRC Medical Research Council
 Start: 01-02-2021  /  End: 31-01-2026
 Amount: £1163370
Research Centre:
The research programme proposed in this Fellowship application details a plan to develop alternative electrodes for RFBs using sustainable resources. RFBs often employ carbon felts as electrodes, prepared from non-sustainable polyacrylonitrile (PAN), and their activity towards the redox reactions is poor, leading to low efficiency systems. I propose to use electrospinning, a very versatile processing technique that allows for fine control of the features of the materials prepared, to produce a new generation of freestanding electrodes
with unique tailored properties that will increase the power density and voltage efficiency of RFBs.