Numerical Algorithms Development (Fluids and Acoustics):

Principal investigator: Eldad AVITAL
Co-investigator(s): , , C. Ji, D. Xu and L. Zhao

Non-linear sound propagation emitted by a supersonic jet's wave packet, levels are relative to ambient pressure (Avital et al, J. Compt Acous 2013)

We have led the development of a few world leading algorthims, this includes:

1. Hydrodynamics:

  • a. A new coupling of turbulent flow simulation (LES) with structural dynamics (DEM/FEM) though the immersed boundary method (Mujiza et al, 2012); this led to new wide Fluids-Structure Interaction capabilities ranging from aerodyanmics of turbines to sediment flow and bio-fluids.
  • b. New rapid pressure solvers suitable for incompressible flow simulation (Avital et al.Int J. Num. Fluids 2001 and Avital Int Num. Fluids 2005).
  • c. Finite element scheme for partly wet-partly dry areas

Large Eddy Simulation of a generic marine turbine, instantaneous vortical structures (Bai et al., Renewable Energy 2014)2. New acoustic formulations suitable for linear acoustic simulations of low disperse nature (Avital, J. Sound Vib 2004) to non-linear sound propagation (Avital et al, J. Comp. Acous. 2013) You are also invited to use my online web calculator, although a few years old, it is still relevant and of good use. A link to it is given below.