Fibre composite materials for tendon tissue engineering

Principal investigator: Hazel SCREEN
Co-investigator(s): S. Bryant, T. Demirci and D. Patel
Funding source(s): Arthritis Research UK
 Start: 01-09-2011  /  End: 31-08-2014

A microscope image of the fibre composite material showing cell attached the the rods and the rods within the matrixWe have developed a novel fibre composite hydrogel material for investigating mechanotransduction processes in soft fibrous tissues. In this AR UK funded grant, we are looking at how the cells help produce new matrix,and how to optimise this process. This has exciting implcations for the development of new tissue engineered tendons and ligaments, and may also be able to help develop optimal training and rehabilitaion regiemes for patients with soft tissue injuries.