Tendon ageing and implications for mechanics and injury

Principal investigator: Hazel SCREEN
Co-investigator(s): C. Thorpe, P. Clegg and G. Riley
Funding source(s): Horserace Betting Levy Board
 Start: 01-10-2010  /  End: 01-10-2013
 Amount: £114,517
Directly incurred staff: Chavaunne Thorpe

More sliding occurs between fascicles in the highly loaded SDFT tendon than in the positional CDETThis Horse Race Betting Levy Board funded grant focused on improving quality of life for race horses, and understanding why some horses are susceptible to chronic tendinopathy, the incidence of which increases with ageing. We established how the main chages to horse tendon with age occured specifically within a certain part of the tendon matrix - the soft material linking together fascicle called the interfascicluar matrix. Based on our findings, we have achieved further funding to investigate this in greater detail.