Mechanics and Biology of Human Tendinopathy

Principal investigator: Hazel SCREEN
Co-investigator(s): G. Riley and K. Legerlotz
Funding source(s): Arthritis Research UK
 Start: 12-01-2009  /  End: 11-01-2013
 Amount: £91,173
Directly incurred staff: Kirsten Legerlotz

Tensile rigs designed for characteristing tendon fatigueThis ARC funded grant aims to increase our understanding of tendinopathy in human tissues, to determine how and why it develops in different tendons, and why some people seem more susceptible to damage. We are hypothesising that the development of the condition is driven by microdamage in the tissue combined with a cellular response. If we can establish how these parameters are involved, we hope to identify mechanisms to preventing these painful and debilitating conditions.