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2-Dimensional Materials for Novel Battery Electrodes

Principal investigator: Patrick CULLEN
Funding source(s): EPSRC Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
 Start: 06-01-2020  /  End: 05-05-2021
 Amount: £418,627
SEMS division:

I have developed a transformative new technology which allows for the scalable production of novel layered compounds from undamaged liquids containing undamaged, individualised 2-dimensional (2D) materials that can act as building blocks to achieve engineered battery electrodes with significantly improved capacity, durability and power to enable the widespread electrification of vehicles. In this project  I will create new layered material constructs for battery electrodes, which will be tuned to the needs of the electric vehicle manufacturers. Novel in-situ characterisation techniques will be developed for advanced characterisation of battery materials