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Supramolecular peptide nanotechnology for antimicrobial therapies

Principal investigator: Helena AZEVEDO
Funding source(s): Wellcome Trust
 Start: 01-05-2019  /  End: 30-04-2020
 Amount: £99,986
Directly incurred staff: Yejiao Shi
SEMS division:
Antimicrobials remain the main means to treat and control bacterial infections. Their efficacy is now compromised due to overuse in humans, animals, agriculture, with bacteria developing resistance that renders certain antibiotics ineffective. Infections due multi-drug resistant (MDR) bacteria have emerged as one of the most significant global threats to human and animal health in the 21st century. Thus, the development of new antibiotics, or better ways to deliver conventional antibiotics more effectively, is an urgent priority. This project is focused on the formulation and assessment of novel self-assembled peptide nanocarriers, able to restore and/or enhance the activity of known antibiotics against MDR bacteria.