Mechano-regulation of myofibril formation and cardiac remodelling

Principal investigator: Thomas ISKRATSCH
Funding source(s): British Heart Foundation
 Start: 01-01-2015  /  End: 31-12-2018
 Amount: £501,351
Directly incurred staff: Pragati Pandey
While chemical cues have well-established roles in guiding cell differentiation, there is growing evidence of a role for mechanical stimuli, such as matrix rigidity during heart development and disease. However, the mechanisms that underlie this mechanical signalling remain elusive. Here we will study this by combining cell biology, biophysics and nanotechnology in a three-tiered approach in which we examine the cardiomyocyte response to A) passive resistance and varying rigidity; B) active force; C) no force. Detailed understanding will lead to novel and valuable insights into mechanisms of cardiac mechanosensing and could result in novel or improved therapeutic strategies for cardiac diseases.