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Control of Floating Wave Energy Converters with Mooring Systems

Principal investigator: Guang LI
Under the scheme "Royal Society-Newton Advanced Fellowship", this project aims to resolve a fundamental control problem for floating wave energy converters (WEC) with mooring lines. The project will be collaboratively conducted by the UK team (lead by Dr Guang Li, QMUL) with expertise in WEC control and the Chinese team (lead by Prof Wei He, University of Science and Technology Beijing) in mooring control. Besides the direct impact on wave energy industry, the control framework has promising wider applications such as robotics, optimal power management and marine engineering. The project will last for 3 years. The project is jointly supported by the Royal Society (providing £111K) and NSFC (providing 500K RMB). The award will enhance the collaborations between Dr Guang Li’s group in QMUL and Prof Wei He’s group in USTB.