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Solar-Fresnel-Lens Concentrator Prototype

Principal investigator: Rafael CASTREJON-PITA
Funding source(s): Technology Strategy Board
 Start: 01-01-2017  /  End: 31-03-2019
 Amount: £126,982
SEMS division:
The sustainable generation of industrial and commercial process heat steam is critical to reduce greenhouse emissions and build up a Green economy. This is only possible by reducing the use of diesel and natural gas, which are currently widely used in Mexico. Solar technologies systems can meet this demand but they are currently either expensive or difficult to integrate in industrial and commercial environments. The SolFreSS project aims to develop an innovative solar collector for applications in medium temperature industrial heating processes; to deliver a subsystem for the management and delivery of steam; to determine the best strategies for the protection of industrial property and consequent commercialization; and to identify the required public policy changes needed to overcome the current market barriers for the exploitation of solar technologies in the Mexican industrial sector. SolFreSS uses Fresnel lenses instead of conventional reflectors.