THaCH - The effects of hypercholesterolemia on tendon health

Principal investigator: Hazel SCREEN
Co-investigator(s): Charlotte Waugh and Alex Scott
Funding source(s): Commission of the European Community / Commission of the European Community
 Start: 31-08-2016  /  End: 21-08-2020
 Amount: £64,209
Musculoskeletal diseases cause pain and suffering to millions of people worldwide. This proposal aims to significantly enhance our understanding of hypercholesterolemia on aspects of tendon health, a highly under-researched area and one of significant clinical importance. The findings from the proposed research are likely to have major implications for orthopedic sciences and preventative medicine as well as rehabilitation services, strategies and technology. Such knowledge has the potential to improve quality of life and reduce socio-economic costs associated with the disability resulting from orthopedic and musculoskeletal diseases.