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Drop your Thesis Programme

Principal investigator: Rafael CASTREJON-PITA
Funding source(s): ESA/ESTEC
 Start: 01-07-2016  /  End: 30-11-2016
 Amount: £3,754
SEMS division:

The project used a liquid filament rig where high-speed imaging and image analysis was used to record the dynamics of the breakup process. The visualization rig was inspired by previous setups developed by Dr. Castrejon-Pita to study liquids under other conditions. The aim was to obtain images of the last moment prior liquid breakup.  The experimental setup consists of a high-speed shadowgraph system operating with a light source (a lamp) and a programmable motor remotely operated. The motor produces the liquid filament to breakup and high-speed imaging is used to capture the dynamics of such filaments. Our setups aimed to perform experiments in microgravity to advance our understanding of drop formation in out-of-Earth conditions. These studies are of particular relevance to industry as many commercial fluids contain granular media. Gaining understanding of the break-up process and drop formation in microgravity could help on the design of drop generators and other liquid dispensing devices for space applications.