Design of Tough Compliant Graphene-Based Coatings

Principal investigator:
Co-investigator(s): Julien GAUTROT
Funding source(s): E.P.S.R.C.
 Start: 01-04-2015  /  End: 31-03-2016
 Amount: £88,337
In collaboration with FormFormForm Ltd., the company behind the range of silicone-based resins called Sugru, the project will explore the use of graphene to generate heat and electrically conductive silicone based matrices, as well as the application of such composites as anti-corrosion coatings. Achieving high performance for such flexible silicone-based composites, thanks to the exceptional properties of graphene, could open up a wide range of applications for such silicone-based materials. Hence we will explore the use of this new technology to address some of the current challenges in the manufacturing industry.