DEN6336: Modelling and Control of Robotic Systems

This module builds upon the control and dynamics modules of earlier years to cover mechanics, planning, and control for robotic systems by applying fundamentals including linear algebra, geometry and control theory. Topics include configuration space, exponential coordinate representation of rigid-body motions in three-dimensional space, planar and spatial kinematics, and basics of motion planning; multi-rigid-body dynamics; mobile robots. Weekly practical sessions provide experience with mathematical tool MATLAB and real-time control of TurtleBot3. 


Essential Textbooks:

"Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control," Kevin M. Lynch and Frank C. Park, Cambridge University Press, 2017.

 "Robot Modeling and Control, Hutchinson," Hutchinson, S., Vidyasagar, M., Spong, M. W.,  Wiley, 2020.

DEN4123: Mathematics and Computing for Engineers 2

DEN5109: Engineering Instrumentation