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Queen Mary University of LondonQueen Mary University of London

Division of Aerospace Engineering and Fluid Mechanics

  • Colloid electrospray spacecraft propulsion system
  • LES simulation of flow past NACA 0018 airfoil
  • CFD-based shape optimisation of a bend
  • All-electric commuter aircraft concept (MEng project)
Current research funding in the Division of Aerospace Engineering and Fluid Mechanics

Welcome to the research page of  the Division of Aerospace and Fluid Mechanics. The Division was created to exploit complementary strengths in Aerospace/Aeronautics and fluid dynamics research, and to support undergraduate and postgraduate education in these broad areas.

Research within the Division of Aerospace Engineering and Fluid Mechanics focusses on a variety of problems relevant to the modern aerospace and aeronautical engineering sector, from new space propulsion methods for micro/nanosatellites to the algorithmic scheduling of aeroplane taxiing in large UK airports. As a Division we are also interested in the multiscale physics and numerics of fluid flows, both single-phase and multi-phase, for applications that span from additive manufacturing to nanofluidics, and problems of solid/fracture mechanics.

We aim to endow our students with the highest level of technical competence, so that they can apply to some of the best aerospace/aeronautics companies worldwide or decide to contribute with their skills to other sectors. Because aerospace engineering pushes technical knowledge to the limit, our graduates are highly sought after in all industrial and service sectors where solid analytical skills are valued.

Division Chair
Prof Vassili Toropov

Deputy for Research & Industrial Engagement
Dr Sergey Karabasov

Deputy for Teaching
Dr Fariborz Motallebi