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December 2015

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New generation of synthetic bone grafts created

21 December 2015

Scientists led by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) have developed a new type of synthetic bone graft that boosts the body’s own ability to regenerate bone tissue and could produce better outcomes for patients. The research, which is published in the Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine … [more]

Kseniya Shuturminska's winning picture 'Bouquet'

QMUL’s Institute of Bioengineering launch celebrated with photo competition

21 December 2015

The new cross-faculty Institute of Bioengineering at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) celebrated its launch with a photo competition for staff and students. The major new initiative brings together QMUL\'s highly rated research in the science, engineering, medicine and dentistry schools, with partners at St Bartholomew’s Hospital … [more]

Menglong is pictured wit his two examiners immediately after the viva

Congratulations to Menglong Huang

7 December 2015

Dr Menglong Huang joined the distinguished role call of PhD alumni from the Soft Matter Group at QMUL. His project developed a pioneering technique to measure the dielectric behaviour of a filled elastomer under strain whilst simultanously characterising the mechanical behaviour. This project can lead on to smart stretchable sensors … [more]

The Employers Networking forum in the Octagon

The largest employers event held this autumn at QMUL was in SEMS

3 December 2015

The School of Engineering and Materials Sciences' Industrial Liaison Forum in October 2015 featured six different panel sessions and an Engineering and Materials Employer Networking Event hosted in the Octagon. This is a great opportunity for our current students to network with employers and to find out about the careers available … [more]

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The academic achievements of our best 32 UG students is celebrated

2 December 2015

The latest version of the Annual Prize Day was organised before lunch during our recent Industrial Liaison Forum in October 2015. 32 undergraduate students were awarded prizes from a range of sponsors (Alcoa, Baxter, Eaton, Morgan Crucible, IOM3, Armourers and Braziers & the IMechE) and college prize funds. The ceremony was hosted by … [more]

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SEMS opens bespoke teaching area following £7.5M spend

1 December 2015

A major redevelopment totaling £30 million to modernise, expand and enhance the space and facilities of the Engineering Building at the Mile End campus is well underway. The first phase of work started in March and is taking shape. The undergraduate teaching space – G27– re-opened this month with state-of-the-art equipment to … [more]

Three of our IAB team enjoying their visit to QMUL

The Updated Stream Specific Industrial Advisory Boards are launched

1 December 2015

The four main streams in SEMS (Aerospace, Mechanical, Medical and Materials) all now have their own Industrial Advisory Boards and the first full round of meetings was launched during the afternoon of the recent Industrial Liaison Forum in October 2015. Currently 36 industrialists (from companies including Jaguar, RollsRoyce, DePuy, Ford, Cameron, Alcoa, … [more]

November 2015

The prize winners from L to R, Richard, Adam & Federica

Three SEMS students awarded prizes at our annual Research Showcase

20 November 2015

The research showcase was again held this year as part of the Industrial Liaison Forum in October 2015. There were more than 90 entrants this year for competition and this year the 3 winners were Federica Ongaro working on “Hierarchical Composite Cellular Materials” supervised by Ettore Barbieri and Nicola Pugno, Richard Windslow working … [more]

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SEMS student crowned as the best UK graduate in the field of ceramics

19 November 2015

Congratulations to Sinclair Ryley Ratnasingham for winning the AT Green Award from the Institute of Materials, Mining and Minerals (IOM3) at the annual Institute Awards dinner on the 11th November 2015. This award is for the best graduate in ceramic materials in the UK. Ryley was the first student from QMUL … [more]

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SEMS students excel in QProducers Scheme

18 November 2015

SEMS students secured funding for 5 out of 14 university prizes at the QProducers scheme. With support from the Westfield Fund for Enhancing the Student Experience, the Learning Development team were able to involve students in supporting their own, plus their peers’, learning by making a range of resources related to their … [more]

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Congratulations to Dr Zhao Wang

17 November 2015

Congratulations to Zhao Wang who recently passed his PhD viva. Zhao's PhD, which was funded via the China Scholarship Council, examined the influence of osmotic challenge on chondrocyte biomechanics. Zhao has already published two papers in the journal, 'OA and Cartilage' with a further paper currently in revision with the … [more]

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SEMS student Omer Ukuser wins £200 voucher from Applicants Survey

9 November 2015

First year Aerospace Engineering student Omer Ukuser completed the 2015 QMUL Applicants Survey and won the first prize consisting of a £200 Amazon voucher. Omer chose to study at QMUL based on the reputation of the Aerospace Engineering programme and a recommendation from his older brother who studied Chemistry here. Omer said "… [more]

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Welcome to Dr Oliver Fenwick, Royal Society University Research Fellow

2 November 2015

Dr Oliver Fenwick has been appointed as a new member of staff within SEMS and in particular, the Functional Materials Research Centre. Oliver holds a prestigious 5 year Royal Society University Research Fellowship which aims to better understand organic thermoelectric materials. Thermoelectric generators are devices with many potential uses as they … [more]

October 2015

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SEMS's Moin Ahmed wins Young Researcher award

28 October 2015

Congratulations go to Moin Ahmed who has been awarded Young Researcher (New Scientist) Forum's award for the publication and presentation he delivered at the 3rd International Conference on Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, San Francisco, October 2015. Moin was awarded the acknowledgement based on the novelty, quality and significance of his research. Competition … [more]

This confocal microscopy image shows cilia (in red) are the thin hair-like structures only a few 100th of a millimetre long.

Manipulating the antennae on cells promises new treatments for osteoarthritis

27 October 2015

Bioengineers from SEMS have shown for the first time that lithium chloride, a common drug used to treat mental health disorders, could offer an effective treatment against osteoarthritis by disrupting the length of the cells’ antennae called primary cilia. Publishing in the journal FASEB, the scientists in Prof Martin Knight's … [more]

Imaging showing a primary cilium which is less than 500 nanometers in diameter (Novak)

SEMS Researcher awarded maximum amount for Wellcome Trust Seed Award

14 October 2015

Dr Pavel Novak has been awarded £99,983 for his latest research project on primary cilia. This funding will allow him to continue making advances and will be used to hire a specialised postdoctoral researcher and to purchase state-of-the-art equipment. Primary cilia play a very important, but little understood, role in our … [more]

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Congratulations Dr Dharmesh Patel!

13 October 2015

Well done to Dharmesh who successfully defended his thesis "A novel fibre composite system to investigate tenocyte metabolism under physiological and pathological loading conditions" funded by Arthritis Research UK. Both examiners commented on how well he performed during his viva, and took Dharmesh out for a celebratory drink at the … [more]

Current student Lola (on LHS) discussing the robotic arm her studies are based on at the June 2015 Open Day.

QMUL Open Day on 10th October will bring thousands to campus

8 October 2015

The first undergraduate Open Day of the academic year is taking place on Saturday 10th October. The last Open Day saw almost 17,000 visitors to QMUL! This is a major event in the diaries of QMUL staff and sixth form students. The Open Day will give students the chance to wander … [more]

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SEMS student acknowledged for outstanding contribution to YINI

5 October 2015

Liam Fallon, currently in his final year at SEMS studying Mechanical Engineering, participated a year- long industrial placement last year with Siemens. He found his placement with the assistance of The Year in Industry (YINI) which is part of the Engineering Development Trust (EDT). EDT is a charity that runs … [more]

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QMUL reigns as one of the top 100 universities in the world

1 October 2015

Another celebration for all staff and students at QMUL - the Times Higher Education World University Rankings places QMUL as 98th in the world. This results sees QMUL jump up 9 places to be within the top 100 universities in the world. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings ties in with … [more]

September 2015

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QMUL 'top ten' for graduate starting salaries

30 September 2015

One of the leading university guides has found that graduates from QMUL have one of the top average starting salaries of anyone in the UK. The annual Times and Sunday Times University League Table places QMUL tenth in the UK for graduate starting salaries. Those graduating from QMUL in 2014 earned … [more]

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Self-assembling material that grows and changes shape could lead to artificial arteries

29 September 2015

Researchers at QMUL have developed a way of assembling organic molecules into complex tubular tissue-like structures without the use of moulds or techniques like 3D printing. The study, which will appear on Monday 28 September in the journal Nature Chemistry, describes how peptides and proteins can be used to create materials … [more]

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QMUL 5th best university in London & 10th for salary in UK

28 September 2015

Great news for our current students, and for all of our new freshers! QMUL has been listed as the 5th best university in London and has been found to have the 10th highest starting salary in the UK (Sunday Times University League Tables 2016)! QMUL's starting salary has been listed as … [more]

Nitish graduated with a first class honours in Mechanical Engineering

Student secures £11,500 in scholarships for his MSc

23 September 2015

Nitish Boodhram has had a busy summer. He graduated from QMUL in July 2015 with a first class honours in Mechanical Engineering and has since managed to secure scholarships totaling £11,500 for SEMS's MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering which is running for the first time this academic year. During his time as … [more]

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Success at SEMS's Tendon Conference

17 September 2015

Prof Hazel Screen's research group recently organised a conference entitled "Advances in Tendon Research: From Bench to Bedside". The event, which was held at QMUL on 7-8 September, was a great success and saw over 100 delegates from academic, industrial and clinical backgrounds in attendance. With four keynote talks, workshops and … [more]

August 2015

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Over 92% of SEMS's UK leavers in 2014 employed

27 August 2015

The results from the Destinations of Leavers of Higher Education survey is out with some very positive results for SEMS. • 92.2% of SEMS 2014 UK leavers were in work or study 6 months following graduation, which is ahead of the QMUL-wide figure. • 74% of SEMS leavers in 2014 were in graduate level work or study … [more]

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New Vice-Principal appointed by Queen Mary University of London to SEMS

24 August 2015

Professor Rebecca Lingwood has been appointed as QMUL’s new Vice-Principal for Student Experience, Teaching and Learning. As an engineer with a distinguished research record, her academic home at QMUL will be the School of Engineering and Materials Science where she will hold the title of Professor of Fluid Dynamics … [more]

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Congratulations to Louise Anderson who won Best Poster at EuroCVD20 Conference

3 August 2015

Louise Anderson, a PhD student with Dr Russell Binions, has won 'Best Poster' for the research she presented at the EuroCVD20 conference which was held in Sempach, Switzerland 13th-17th July 2015. Louise's poster was entitled "The effect of non-ionic surfactant addition in the production of titanium dioxide thin films via … [more]

July 2015

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Marie Curie fellows deliver at Big Bang in Stanmore

21 July 2015

Three Marie Curie AboutFlow fellows, Jan Hueckelheim, Mateusz Gugala and Siamak Akbarzadeh Lalkami, recently took part in The Big Bang London festival at Stanmore College (3rd of July). Excited school students had the opportunity to manipulate the flight of a drone whilst the fellows answered questions such as "how do … [more]

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Arthritis could be treated with common mental health drug

20 July 2015

Lithium chloride which is used as a mood stabiliser in the treatment of mental health problems, mainly bipolar disorder, could be used to treat arthritis according to a new study. The research carried out at the School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) in collaboration … [more]

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Congratulations to our latest graduates!

17 July 2015

Well done to all of our graduates who celebrated in style yesterday. We wish them all of the best for their future careers. Please pop back in and say hello from time to time! Photos of the event can be viewed on our Facebook Page, search for "QMUL School of … [more]

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Bioengineering for Year 12 students

14 July 2015

The first Bioengineering Headstart course took place in SEMS last week. The students, aged 17, came from as far as Madrid and stayed the week in student accommodation. From over 1000 applications, 40 high achieving students were chosen to attend this Queen Mary course. Prof Martin Knight, Dr Alvaro Mata and Dr Hazel … [more]

June 2015

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Kseniya Shuturminska wins Grad Fest Photo Competition.

15 June 2015

At the opening of a week of events for post-graduate students that form the ‘QMUL Grad Fest’, 10 finalists competed in a photo competition featuring a range of stunning images in different styles. Kseniya won first prize with her image ‘Rose’, a hand coloured electron micrograph of calcium phosphate crystals, taken … [more]

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SEMS alumnus reaches OneStart 2015 finals

15 June 2015

A former Materials student from SEMS, Nawar Al-Zebari, now PhD student at Cambridge University, and his team were amongst the 10 finalists of the OneStart 2015 competition, held on 14th May in London. This year, this competition gathered over 300 projects for the EU area only. Al-Zebari's team presented a project based on … [more]


The Bioengineering Experience 2015

9 June 2015

Dr Tina Chowdhury's new fillm called "The Bioengineering Experience" can be seen here:

May 2015

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Lewis Tunnicliffe successfully defends his PhD

18 May 2015

Dr Lewis Tunnicliffe successfully defended his thesis entitled, "Particulate Reinforcement of Elastomers at Small Strains" on 11th May 2015. The external examiners both commented on how well he had performed during his viva. Lewis was supervised by James Busfield and Alan Thomas and he is continuing to work as a research … [more]

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Almost 95% of SEMS students proceed to next year

18 May 2015

SEMS has one of the highest rates of continuation at QMUL. In 2013/14, a total of 94.2% of our students progressed within their degree. Well done to all who have completed their exams so far, and for those who still have exams left to sit, keep up the good work! [more]

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Date for your Diary: The Imagineers Degree Show

7 May 2015

The Imagineers Degree Show will bring together 14 final year students from the ‘Design and Innovation’ degree program run jointly between the Department of Design at Goldsmiths, the UK’s leading creative university and the Department of Engineering and Materials Science at Queen Mary. On show will be 14 unique, fresh and … [more]

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The bioengineering experience 2015

5 May 2015

Children aged 10 from St Joseph’s in the Park visited the Institute of Bioengineering and experienced real, hands on lab activities at the School of Engineering and Materials Science. The project funded by the Center for Public Engagement, was a fantastic event encouraging young people to experience bioengineering first hand. … [more]

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QMUL 5th best University in London

5 May 2015

The Complete University Guide has ranked QMUL as the 5th best University in London. The full story is available here:

April 2015

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SEMS researcher wins 'Early Career Researcher Poster Prize'

29 April 2015

Congratulations to Dr Vasanth Kannuchamy who has won the 'Early Career Researcher Poster Prize' for his poster entitled 'Molecular simulation study on nitrogen doping effect on the CO2 adsorption behavior in nanoporous carbons' at the UK Carbon Capture Research Society Biannual Meeting, which is held at Cranfield, 21-22 April 2015. This … [more]

We are Actually Scientists live on stage

SEMS Rock Band Success

27 April 2015

Well done to all of the performers who took part in SEMS's Rock Concert on Wednesday 22nd April in Drapers Bar. A great time was had by all of the staff and students in attendance. The money raised on the night will go to Cancer Research UK. Missed the gig? … [more]

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Congratulations to Dr Nimra Jalali

23 April 2015

Nimra Jalali successfully defended her PhD thesis during her viva voce exam on Friday 17th April. Nimra's project was focused on developing the fundamental understanding of kinetic to electrical energy harvesting devices based on ZnO nanostructures. During her project she worked extensively with Markys Cain’s team at NPL and … [more]

Image from Approved Index (

Want to become a billionaire? Study engineering!

10 April 2015

We have some exceptionally good news! More than a fifth of all billionaires in the world have studied engineering. This is the exciting headline from Approved Index, the business-to-business buying platform which analysed the Forbes Rich List of the Top 100 Billionaires. 19% of people on the list made their fortune from … [more]

Eleanor Roake accepts the prize from Dean for Taught Programmes in Science and Engineering, Professor Julia Shelton

Materials Science Society scoops 'Most Improved' at society awards

8 April 2015

The second annual Science and Engineering Academic Society Awards were held on Wednesday 1st April in order to celebrate the outstanding work and achievements made over the past year. Within SEMS, MatSoc were awarded the prize for ‘Most Improved Society’ for their increased membership despite lower intake numbers, as well … [more]

March 2015

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Visit from Nobel Prize-winner boosts profile of QMUL’s Institute of Bioengineering

31 March 2015

As part of the Institute of Bioengineering Seminar Series and in collaboration with the Life Sciences Initiative, QMUL hosted a visit from Professor Tim Hunt, Nobel Prize-winner and Emeritus Group Leader at the London Research Institute, on Wednesday 18 March. Professor Hunt received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2001 … [more]

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Engineers in SEMS demonstrate the world’s fastest and thinnest electrically tuneable lens

31 March 2015

A joint team between SEMS (Dr Federico Carpi’s group) and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne has just demonstrated the world’s thinnest and fastest tuning optical lens made of electro-responsive smart materials. The lens is entirely made of silicone rubber and is inspired by the human … [more]

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QMUL's first TEDx event - Thursday 18th June

30 March 2015

The Students’ Union and staff from the Centre for Academic and Professional Development will be hosting Queen Mary’s first TEDxQMUL event on Thursday 18 June. The TEDx Program is designed to help communities, organisations and individuals to spark conversations. Staff, students and alumni at QMUL are being given the chance … [more]

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IODA project workshop brings together design experts of top-EU turbomachinery companies

25 March 2015

Over 40 participants from academia and industry gathered at Technische Universität Berlin to focus on industrial application in Turbomachinery Aerodynamic and Multidisciplinary Optimization: Current state of the art and future trends. The event was organised by Queen Mary University London UK and Rolls Royce Deutschland in presence of international speakers … [more]

Magan Jimale won the ARTIS prize for his 3rd year project

Well done to the winners at the recent Industrial Liaison Forum

19 March 2015

Congratulations to the SEMS engineering students who won prizes at the recent Industrial Liaison Forum which was hosted by SEMS. Shyam Patel, a 3rd year Medical Engineering student, won the ApaTech prize for the best research project at the recent Industrial Affiliates Forum. Shyam's project examines the effect of enzymatic … [more]

Tissue becomes more stiff as cancer progresses

SEMS researchers to investigate colon cancer

16 March 2015

A research grant has been awarded by Bowel & Cancer Research to Dr Nick Peake and Professor Martin Knight at SEMS, and Dr Alex Mirnezami at the University of Southampton, to enable them to study the progression of colon cancer. As colon cancer develops and progresses, there are significant changes in … [more]

SEMS students had a perfect opportunity to Network with potential employers.

Over Fifty Alumni Attend most Successful ILF to date!

16 March 2015

The SEMS Alumni focused Industrial Liaison Forum was held on Wednesday 4th March. This is the third consecutive year that the spring ILF has been geared towards inviting SEMS alumni back to QMUL to speak to our students and to reconnect with old classmates and our staff. This was without … [more]

An image showing what G27 will look like

SEMS exciting new development: images published

15 March 2015

A major £7 million redevelopment to modernise and enhance the building and facilities of the Engineering Building at the Mile End campus starts on Monday 16th March. The aim of this 11-month scheme is to create an inspirational environment for the School of Engineering and Material Science’s students and staff … [more]


The more you move, the more you can charge up!

13 March 2015

How much time have you spent wandering around looking for your friends because your phone battery was dead? Fear not! Wasted moments like this could soon be a thing of the past thanks to research being conducted at SEMS. Dr Steve Dunn and Dr Joe Briscoe are working on a … [more]

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Industrial Advisory Boards kick off in 2015

10 March 2015

The Industrial Advisory Board was relaunched on Wednesday 4th March for four of our discipline streams (Materials, Aerospace, Mechanical & Medical Engineering). Currently representatives from 28 organisations have agreed to join these advisory boards and we were delighted to welcome 16 staff from organisations as diverse as Alcoa, Dyson, Jaguar, NPL & De Puy … [more]

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Congratulations to Dr Devendra Inder Deo

2 March 2015

Congratulations to Dr Devendra Inder Deo who passed his PhD examination on 13th February 2015. Dev worked with Professors Wen Wang and Gleb Sukhorukov on the project entitled "Controlled release and targeted drug delivery using polyelectrolyte microcapsules". Dev's supervisor would like to extend his congratulations! [more]

February 2015

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Changing stem cell structure may help fight obesity

23 February 2015

Scientists have found that reducing the size of tiny hair like structures on stem cells stops them turning into fat. The discovery could be used to develop a way of preventing obesity. The research, conducted at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), found that a slight regulation in the length … [more]

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Cheap solar cells made from shrimp shells

23 February 2015

Researchers at SEMS have successfully created electricity-generating solar-cells with chemicals found in the shells of shrimps and other crustaceans for the first time. The materials chitin and chitosan found in the shells are abundant and significantly cheaper to produce than the expensive metals such as ruthenium, which is similar to … [more]

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Congratulations to Weiqi Li

2 February 2015

Well done to Weiqi Li who passed his PhD viva on Friday 30th January. Weiqi worked in Professor Wen Wang's laboratory on the project entitled: The endothelial glycocalyx: recovery, stability and role in electric field-directed cell migration in vitro. All at SEMS wish Weiqi the very best in his future … [more]

January 2015

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Peer Assisted Study Support update

26 January 2015

The Peer Assisted Study Support (PASS) scheme at Queen Mary is a course-based mentoring scheme for first years. Each academic School in the university has a number of students , or mentors, in the latter years of their degree programmes who dedicate their Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes to helping with any … [more]

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SEMS staff and student recognised at annual awards

26 January 2015

The Faculty of Science & Engineering Celebration Evening was held on Wednesday 14th January and saw six people from SEMS recognised for their efforts. Congratulations to those involved! The details of their awards are as follows: • Jonathon Hills, Research Support Manager, was recognised for being a strong team player despite a … [more]

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91% of SEMS's research ranked as at least 'Internationally Excellent'

6 January 2015

The recently announced results from 2014's Research Excellence Framework (REF) has seen 91% of SEMS's General Engineering research listed as either World Leading (4*) or Internationally Excellent (3*). Based on the Guardian's summary of REF, SEMS ranks 7th out of the 62 institutions which conduct research in the area of 'General Engineering' and is 4… [more]

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SEMS PhD student wins RMS beginners competition

6 January 2015

Congratulations to SEMS PhD student Jonny Wheatland who won the annual Royal Microscopical Society Beginners competition. Jonny's presentation was entitled ‘3D Multi-Scale Visualisation of Complex Flocculated Natural Sediments’ and was presented at the meeting of the Society for Electron Microscope Technology. Jonny is pictured here with Kseniya Shuturminska, who also … [more]

Design of a microfluidic chip for the growth of micro-tumours (top: external view, bottom: internal view)

SEMS to investigate ovarian cancer without using animal tissue

6 January 2015

Dr Julien Gautrot and Prof. Frances Balkwill (from BCI), have been awarded a studentship from the National Centre for Replacement, Reduction and Refinement of Animals in Research (NC3Rs ) to develop a model of ovarian cancer on a silicone chip. The NC3Rs is the UK's national organisation which leads … [more]