Yong Pang


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Visualizing traction force during marine mussel plaques deposition

The proposed research includes several interdisciplinary elements. In solid mechanics, Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (Zeiss LSM 900) will be used to capture the volumetric image of plaque and then processed using the digital volume correlation method to calculate 3D traction force during the plaque deposition. In molecular-level chemistry, a compositional analysis will be conducted to investigate the chemical element of the plaque/substrate interface using SEM (JEOL 7000) equipped with EDS detection systems. The pore structure in the plaque core will be imaged and analysed using SEM to determine the pore size, distribution, and randomness. In marine biology, variables (such as, PH level, salinity, and wave speed of seawater) that affect plaque adhesion will be studied.