Yong Pang


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    • Pang Y, Grilli N, Su H, Liu W, Ma J and Yu SF (2022). Experimental investigation on microstructures and mechanical properties of PG4 flash-butt rail welds. Engineering Failure Analysis, Elsevier vol. 141 


    • Liu W and Pang Y (2021). A multi-scale modelling framework for anisotropy prediction in aluminium alloy sheet and its application in the optimisation of the deep-drawing process. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Springer vol. 114 (11-12), 3401-3417.  


    • Micheletto A, Cookson J, Pang Y, Chen B and Mutton P (2020). The structural integrity of flash-butt welded premium rail steel – Evaluation of strength, microstructure and defects. Proceedings of The Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part F Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit, Sage Publications vol. 235 (8), 1006-1012.  
    • Liu W, Chen BK, Pang Y and Najafzadeh A (2020). A 3D phenomenological yield function with both in and out-of-plane mechanical anisotropy using full-field crystal plasticity spectral method for modelling sheet metal forming of strong textured aluminum alloy. International Journal of Solids and Structures, Elsevier vol. 193, 117-133.  
    • Pang Y, Chen BK, Yu SF and Lingamanaik SN (2020). Enhanced laser speckle optical sensor for in situ strain sensing and structural health monitoring. Optics Letters, Optica Publishing Group vol. 45 (8), 2331-2334.  
    • Pang Y, Chen BK, Liu W, Yu SF and Lingamanaik SN (2020). Development of a non-contact and non-destructive laser speckle imaging system for remote sensing of anisotropic deformation around fastener holes. Ndt & E International, Elsevier vol. 111 
    • Pang Y, Lingamanaik SN, Chen BK and Yu SF (2020). Measurement of deformation of the concrete sleepers under different support conditions using non-contact laser speckle imaging sensor. Engineering Structures, Elsevier vol. 205 


    • Liu W, Chen BK and Pang Y (2019). Numerical investigation of evolution of earing, anisotropic yield and plastic potentials in cold rolled FCC aluminium alloy based on the crystallographic texture measurements. European Journal of Mechanics - a/Solids, Elsevier vol. 75, 41-55.  
    • Pang Y, Chen BK and Liu W (2019). An investigation of plastic behaviour in cold-rolled aluminium alloy AA2024-T3 using laser speckle imaging sensor. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Springer Nature vol. 103 (5-8), 2707-2724.  


    • Liu W, Chen BK and Pang Y (2018). A new temperature-dependent anisotropic constitutive model for predicting deformation and spring-back in warm deep drawing of automotive AA5086-H111 aluminium alloy sheet. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Springer Nature vol. 97 (9-12), 3407-3421.